Are you returning to study?


Congratulations on returning to study (or contemplating returning to study 😉 ).

Browse The Study Owl blog – This blog is about all things study (including life – or what happens when you were planning to get some study done only to find the dinner is burning, the kids are wanting answers to homework questions and the cat wants to go out) and the things that challenge, encourage, perplex and sometimes even irritate us students.

The plan is to offer high quality content relevant to those of us who are returning to study no matter what your background.  It is also a place for you, dear reader, to contribute to a supportive community of students. Throughout my time as a student (let’s not talk about how long it has taken me to complete my studies) I have come across many study tips and techniques that have been central to completing a tertiary degree. Many are to do with time management and planning as well as what to do when you get feedback from teachers/lecturers you don’t understand or that leaves you feeling like you don’t belong as a returning ‘mature age’ student.

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